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Maternity Center
Running time: 4:06
The Maternity Center at PAMC is completely about warmth, providing a caring environment for women and their families. Our medical team is comprised of highly experienced obstetricians, anesthesiologists and nurses who understand the physical as well as the cultural needs of the diverse women we serve.

Feeling comfortable in our facility gives women and their families the peace of mind needed to make the birthing experience even more extraordinary.

This is why we recently opened our new Maternity Center, dedicating more than 10,000 sq. ft. to obstetrics, and featuring the latest technology in a calming, beautiful environment. For your convenience, we offer:

     24/7 In-House Anesthesiology
     24/7 In-House Dedicated OB/GYN Physician Panel
     Recovery Unit for Post C-Sections
     Central Monitoring System
     Dedicated Surgical Suites

And, to make women feel even more comfortable and safe, our Maternity Center features:

Warm, Luxurious LDRP Rooms
  With all the soothing comforts of home, including soft bedding, beautiful décor, and comfortable furniture for the family.
Expanded Nursery
  With ample bassinets equipped with the latest technology to monitor the well-being of our precious newborns.
High-Tech Security
  As soon as the baby is delivered, special wristbands are given to both the mother and the baby. These wristbands, with automatic alarm and activation for unauthorized access, are the latest technology for monitoring the safety of all newborns.
Mama Saludable, Bebe Saludable (Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby)
  This free rewards program helps expecting mothers manage all their health needs – before and after giving birth. By joining this program, expecting mothers receive wonderful gifts for attending prenatal, nutrition, and Lamaze classes. Classes are taught by our bilingual outreach coordinators and held at our providers’ clinics.


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